INFORMS CIST 2020 Best Paper Award

Read more here: Pre-print in CEPR Covid Economics, Issue 48. Marginal Revolution, Insights at Sauder, UVA Today

Working Papers:

2019 Cubist Systematic Strategies Research Paper Award 

 Law and Regulations     Productivity, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship     Real Asset Market 

Selected Conferences: AEA 2020, WFA 2019, Annual Conference in Financial  Economics Research by Eagle Labs at the Arison School of Business IDC Herzliya, SFS Cavalcade North America 2019

Summary: Resource reallocation across firms is an important mechanism through which creditor rights affect real outcomes. 

 Law and Regulations     Productivity, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship     Real Asset Market 

Selected Conferences: EFA 2022, AFA 2022, NFA 2021, SFS Cavalcade North America 2021

Summary: Legal and trading frictions in collateralization collectively affect investment and production decisions.

Best Paper Award at HEC-McGill Winter Finance Workshop

2023 John L. Weinberg/IRRCi Research Paper Award (winner)

 Law and Regulations     Productivity, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship     Corporate Governance 

Read more here: Havard Law School Forum, Forbes 

Selected Conferences: EFA 2023, Weinberg/ECGI Annual Corporate Governance Symposium, SGF 2023, MFA 2023, AFA 2023, UNC Private Equity Research Symposium, EALE 2022, London Symposium on Law and Finance, LBS Private Capital Symposium, Rome Junior Finance Conference, HEC-McGill Winter Finance Workshop, CELS 2022, Southern California PE Conference

Summary:  A common-favoring corporate law environment disciplines VCs' behavior in exit decisions. 

 Law and Regulations     Corporate Governance     Labor and Finance  

Selected Conferences: NFA 2023, SFS Cavalcade North America 2023, Young Scholar Finance Consortium 2023

Summary: Aggressive board gender quotas can trigger backlash among firms, worsening female labor market outcomes

 Productivity, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship     Corporate Governance 

Selected Conferences: CEPR European Summer Symposium in Financial Markets, CEPR Endless Summer Conference on Financial Intermediation and Corporate Finance, Erasmus Corporate Governance Conference, ALEA Featured Papers Panel 2023, Northeastern University Finance Conference, GSU CEAR-Finance Conference, FMA Napa/Sonoma Conference, NBER (Chinese Economy), RCFS Winter Conference 2023, SFS Cavalcade Asia 2022, FOM 2022, CFEA 2022, Lone Star Symposium, CICF 2022, SGF 2022, MFA 2022, AFA 2022, Workshop on Entrepreneurial Finance and Innovation

Summary: Firms managed by CEOs with high-powered incentive contracts form more partnerships with China and transfer more technology to China. 

Best Paper Award at the 2022 Annual Conference in Digital Economics 

 Law and Regulations     Digital Economy     Corporate Governance 

Selected Conferences: EFA 2023, CICF 2023, SFS Cavalcade North America 2023, AEA 2023, Colorado Finance Summit, Oxford AI and Financial Market Conference, Queensland Corporate Finance Conference, USC Macro Finance Conference, WFA Early Career Women in Finance Workshop, Rome Junior Finance Conference, Platform and Data Workshop at Bank of Canada, Toulouse-Yale Regulating the Digital Economy workshop, Chicago Conference on Data and Welfare in Household Finance, 2022 Annual Conference in Digital Economics

Summary: Using web-scrapped privacy “nutrition” labels, we document several stylized facts regarding the supply of privacy. We further investigate how consumers and investors react to the standardized disclosure of data privacy practices.

 Law and Regulations     Digital Economy     Household Finance 

Selected Conferences: NBER SI (Household Finance), FutFinInfo 2023, George Tech-Atlanta Fed Household Finance Conference

Summary: Limiting the tracking and sharing of personal information reduces financial fraud. 

 Law and Regulations     Productivity, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship  

Selected Conferences: CICF 2021, SFS Cavalcade North America 2021, NFA 2020, Pacific Northwest Finance Conference, 13th Annual Northwestern CLBE Conference on Innovation Economics, EFA 2020, MFA 2020, FIRS 2020 (canceled)

Summary: Strong cross-border legal institutions is a key driver of the globalization of innovation.

CICF Best Paper Award

  Law and Regulations     Productivity, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship     Political Economy  

Summary: The organizational design (decentralized vs. centralized) of bailout institutions affects the outcome of bank bailout decisions.